Galactic Unite Flying Tigresses Scholarship 



The Galactic Unite Flying Tigresses Scholarship arose from Anne Marie Radel and Margaret Viola’s participation as Team #24 “Team Flying Tigresses” in the 2015 Air Race Classic – the all-women’s transcontinental air race stemming from the 1929 Women’s Air Derby.  Flying with the intention of raising awareness and support for women in STEM careers, women pilots, and the emerging commercial space industry, Team Flying Tigresses is proud to be able to pass on the support received from their donors to a deserving candidate who is also pursuing her dreams of flight.


Our scholarship recipient Jennifer, along with funds for flight school received access to mentoring from Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company.

The Galactic Unite Team Flying Tigresses scholarship celebrates Jennifer’s efforts and those of women worldwide who are pursuing their dreams of flight. Congratulations, Jennifer, and welcome to the Galactic Unite community. Everyone at Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company is excited to continue to support you as you achieve your career goals.