Galactic Unite Virginia Rudnicki Scholarship



This scholarship was made possible thanks to a donation by the Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut Kevin Obarski and his family in honour of their beloved mother and grandmother, Virginia Rudnicki, a great believer in hard work, benefits of education, strength and the spirit of women.

“Virginia Rudnicki, born during the great depression, was part of the first generation of working women. Though she herself never received a higher education degree, Virginia routinely made personal comfort sacrifices to help women in her family and the community to further their education. She understood education was the gateway to personal, communal and societal development”.  – Kevin Obarski.  Keeping that in mind the Obarski family is continuing to providing opportunities for young women to learn, grow and make this world a better place.

This scholarship provided a $30,000 award in 2013 to a female college student pursuing a four-year mechanical engineering degree at Union College of Schenectady in the United States.