Galactic Unite runs a grants program awarding funding to initiatives and not-for-profit organizations in our main locations. The grants are up to $2,500 and are awarded to organizations, programs and projects that promote STEM and space education in New Mexico, Southern California and the United Kingdom.





Begin your application process by reviewing our funding guidelines and completing the grant application form. You can download the grant application and the step-by-step guide here. Please submit the grant application and any additional documents via e-mail.





Galactic Unite only funds projects that clearly fit the following guidelines:


We Fund In the Following Categories

  • STEM and space education
  • STEM and space related projects and activities


Galactic Unite DOES Fund:

Not-for-profit organizations, schools and programs that fit within one or more of our categories above that:

  • Produce measurable results
  • Use innovative approaches
  • Promise significant and long-lasting change
  • Provide a clear and compelling plan to reach and impact the target audience
  • Do not expect to earn income (or any income earned will be used for purely charitable efforts)
  • Are in an early stage of development and where a small amount of money will go a very long way
  • Require program materials, travel expenses e.g. local school transport for a visit to Spaceport America
  • Have a clear target audience and compelling plan to reach and impact that target audience in a positive way


Galactic Unite Does NOT Fund:

  • Projects that are not aligned with our goal
  • Political campaigns and legislative lobbying efforts
  • Payment to the grantee or a member of the grantee’s family for their time or services
  • Projects that have well-established funding sources
  • Scholarships (we provide these through our scholarship program)
  • Projects where the primary benefit is to the grantee or to any one individual
  • Projects that require grant payments via any cash-based payment system e.g. MoneyGram